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Savant’s multi-CPU, multi-thread architecture is designed to systematically trigger on events, index and organize the entity relation of the data, and capture data based on a plurality of rules and policies defined by the user. No other system has been purpose-built to provide instantaneous pairing and tracking of repeating events.

Savant provides full tracing and instrumentation of all email, chat, DNS, socket API calls, SQL, or any collation of protocols. Savant does not use simple statistics, but instead provides the user the ability to instrument anything they might want to understand about what is flowing across a network trunk or backbone. Savant allows collation by conversation within higher layer protocols such as providing traffic flow history by email address, chat ID, server name, VoIP phone number, service API or anything that is base on a decoded protocol. Savant can be used in stand-alone mode or multiple units can be deployed to provide unsurpassed vision into the traffic patterns and frequency of events in a network.


200 Mbps:  Model 8552-100

  • 3U rack mount hardware appliance
  • 3.4” tall  x 17.5” wide x 29.31” deep
  • Quad Core CPU
  • Redundant power supplies
  • Six (6) 1TB hard drives
  • DVD-ROM drive

2 Gbps:  Model 8552-1000

  • Same as Model 8552-100

20 Gbps: Model 8552-10G

  • Please contact Intrusion to help with your specific configuration, storage needs and rack specifications.