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Mapping Regulatory Requirements for the Protection of PII & NPI to Intrusion’s Security Compliance Products

The following diagram is a useful aid for understanding how Intrusion’s Compliance Commander family of security products addresses the regulations discussed in this whitepaper.

Sentry™ is the industry’s leading data leak prevention product which prevents NPI, PII and other database information from leaving your network unprotected. It dynamically protects all ports, protocols, and applications against intentional and unintentional network data leaks. These leaks can originate from business partners, customer support operations, mobile workers, or Trojan / backdoors and other malware designed to capture PII.

Database Defender™ is a database activity detection and monitoring tools that moves security safeguards closest to the database assets themselves, thereby protecting against authorized and unauthorized insider and business partner risks. Database Defender™ is a self learning security application that recognizes abnormal database access activities and stops unauthorized access.

Both Sentry™ and Database Defender™ are managed from Provider™, the unified management console for Intrusion’s Compliance Commander security product portfolio.

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