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Quantifiable Input to Evaluate Company Infrastructure Issues

Social Network Analysis and Mining (SNAM) is the identification of interactive patterns between people and is based on the intuitive notion that these patterns are important features in the lives of individuals who display them.  Moreover, this notion must be important to organizations employing those individuals.  The successful nature of societies and organizations often depends on the patterning of their internal communication structure.


The new social media and communication technologies and methodologies have crept their way into the daily work lives of individuals and groups at most companies and have removed some of the control companies previously held. Internal social structures aren’t as apparent as they used to be, and organization charts don’t typically represent the true internal structure. Management teams need more unbiased, quantifiable methods to measure and evaluate company operations, infrastructure issues and employee performance levels, as well as, an indisputable method of indentifying the underlying communities and controls within an organization.


Savant is a transparent network data capture and analysis solution that provides a clear view of the social network structures, communication patterns and effectiveness and employee performance within an organization allowing for more informed, unbiased decision making on critical issues.

  • Insider trading
  • Recent Merger or Acquisition Evaluations
  • Organizational Structure Concerns
  • Internal Communication Problems
  • Key Employee Identification
  • Reduction in Workforce Decisions
  • Personnel Issues
  • Company Morale Problems


Savant brings science into corporate decision making based on indisputable, quantifiable data. Designed with privacy in mind, the product is transparent so that only designated personnel know of its existence and have access to the information. Savant allows for the importing of the client’s own data such as org charts, department codes, projects or people of interest and provides simple, real-time or timeframe-based reports so that our clients can quickly assess data about personnel, projects or situations that need un-biased analysis.

  • Remove the subjectivity and emotion from hiring, firing and training
  • Assess the new team you’ve just inherited or acquired
  • Determine the performance of a particular project or group
  • Identify the communication bottlenecks or the “connectors” in your organization
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of a corporate announcement or program