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The TraceCop™ GUI, launched in 2005, helps analysts and investigators dramatically reduce the time and complexity for discovering identities, ownership and contact information for computer devices on the Internet. This tool presents current and historical ownership information and complex data associations related to Internet domains and registration information based on the vast TraceCop Data collected by Intrusion. The power of this tool resides in the patented algorithms used to make complex associations based current and historical public information including IP addresses, domain names, host names and personal information extracted from Whois information including email addresses, names, phone numbers, fax numbers and physical addresses. These associations provide the potential to uncover identities of unlawful companies and individuals who have attempted to deceive others.

The TraceCop GUI’s powerful capabilities can provide unprecedented information to state, local and government agencies as well as companies and individuals with the requirement for investigative data resources. This tool greatly reduces the time required to track down Internet perpetrators, thereby making it easier for law enforcement or company officials to prosecute Internet related offences.