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Privacy and Security are Business Imperatives

Effective management of sensitive consumer data requires a consistent and proactive approach. Executives and their organizations must establish a culture of privacy and security – and take reasonable steps to manage sensitive information. Experience has shown that this is best accomplished with a holistic approach that includes administrative, physical and technical safeguards.

The problem for many companies is that their IT systems are complex and simply were not designed for the protection of sensitive data that is required in today’s regulatory environment. A typical company has numerous applications, distributed throughout the organization, using an array of protocols that reach across the company’s perimeter. As a result, each of these communication channels can potentially leak sensitive consumer data and, in fact, have been proven to do so.4 In most companies, employees can expose sensitive data by sending Social Security or credit card numbers in, or as, attachments to emails or by dozens of other similar network activities that expose the company to serious risks.